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HomeCare for Living Well is highly informed and educated on ways to improve your health and well-being. You can put your trust in our professional and experienced team.


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  • Agency Attendant Care Services Your Way 
  • Living Well Fitness Services

My HomeCare Specialist

There are only a few steps to get to your HomeCare Specialist:

  1. Contact HomeCare Living Well (HCLW) staff and express interest in the program.
  2. Identify if you already have attendants you would like to hire or if you need help finding attendants.
  3. HCLW staff will come to your home and complete an intake.
  4. You must contact your Service Coordinator and inform them that you would like HCLW as your PAS provider.
  5. Attendants will complete orientation and competency training.  
  6. Once we recieve your service plan from your Service Coordinator services can begin.

It's just that simple! To contact HCLW, call 717.731.1900, extension 227 or email Brittany Hall.

My Live Well Fitness Attendant

There are only a few steps to get to your Live Well Fitness Attendant:

  1. Contact Live Well Fitness Center (LWFC) staff and express interest in the program.
  2. LWFC staff will contact you to schedule an intake & assessment.
  3. You and LWFC staff will develop an individualized workout routine and schedule that can be conducted in your home or in the Live Well Fitness Center located in the Camp Hill office facility.

It's just that simple! To contact LWFC, call 717.731.1900, extension 256 or email Jesse Swoyer.

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